It was an honour to be asked by management at Eastway Care Silvertown to put together a celebration concert and the perfect opportunity to share the amazing music we’ve been creating together in our weekly group music making sessions

Concert Showcase for Eastway Care

We’ve been working with clients and staff at Eastway Care for over three years and developed a strong relationship with both. We started with weekly music making using assistive music tech and acoustic instruments and now provide drama sessions across all three centres. We’ve also trained staff in computer skills to enable them to better log and record clients progress.

With such a great turn-out the occasion also provided a lovely opportunity to meet and hear from parents and carers how much the members of the group have been enjoying our sessions together. It was great fun for Eastway clients to perform our music in a different venue and have friends and family together to celebrate and hear our music.

It was a lovely way to say thank you to staff and clients for their hard work in our weekly sessions and a great way to wrap up the year!

Please get in touch if you know someone who you think would benefit from the communication, motor skill, confidence boosting and self esteem building effects of our weekly sessions. We offer music, drama, dance and computing sessions and use assistive technology where appropriate.